Our Staff and Leaders

Learn about our pastor, staff and leadership structure of our church.
Our church is lead by a team of elders and deacons.  They are responsible for overseeing worship, and ministry in the congregation.

The elders, with the minister, oversee the doctrine and life of the members of the
congregation and fellow office bearers, they exercise admonition and discipline along with
pastoral care in the congregation, they participate in and promote evangelism, and they defend
the faith.

Deacons are chosen to give leadership to diaconal ministry. In this ministry, deacons empower
members of their own congregation and partner with neighboring churches, Christian services,
and local social agencies. The goal of Diaconal Ministry is to touch people’s lives as Christ’s hands and feet.

Christ Community Church has recently lost our senior Pastor, Philip Heidt. As we move in to a season of transition we are blessed to have Pastor Vance Hays join us as a Specialized Transitional Minister to faithfully bring us God’s Word on Sunday mornings.

Specialized Transitional Minister: Vance Hays 

I’m a native Oregonian who has lived all over the state. I was born in Astoria,
spent my pre-school years in Beaverton and attended elementary school in
Burns. Grades 6 through 12 were spent in Bend back when it was a small town.
Later I attended the University of Oregon. Eventually I moved to Portland, where I
have lived for 32 years.

I’ve been involved in ministry since I was in college. At the U of O, I was active
with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, which builds evangelizing fellowships at
secular colleges. Later I spent 9 years working full time for Inter-Varsity. Based
in Salt Lake City, my job was to develop evangelizing fellowships at colleges
throughout the region.

At age 37, I finished my seminary education and accepted the call to be pastor of
Parklane Christian Reformed Church in east Portland. I was blessed to able to
stay there until I retired in 2016. Since then, I have served 4 interim pastorates: in
Churchill, MT; San Jose, Yakima and Chandler, AZ (near Phoenix). My wife,
Connie, and I have enjoyed each assignment and have learned first-hand how
important interim ministry can be.

I’ve also been blessed with a big, loving family. Connie and I met at an Inter-
Varsity retreat near Spokane in 1976. We married a year later. Along the way we
(somehow!) found ourselves with 5 kids and 4 grand-kids. Three of our children
(Julia, Graham and Fiona) live in Portland. Alison lives in Virginia. Andrew
resides in Seattle. We have a wonderfully close relationship with each one and
they are precious to us.

We have two main goals while we are with you:
1. To provide consistent pulpit supply, at least 3 times a month.
2. To advise your Elders and Deacons as they lead you toward your next
stage of ministry.

These are unsettled times for Christ Community Church. We don’t understand
why the Lord took Pastor Philip. But the work of Christ’s church continues, both
on earth and in heaven! As you emerge from your time of grief, I believe God will
give you a renewed sense of mission, as well as a new leader who will help you
carry it out. Let’s pray and work together toward those goals!

Gratefully, and with


Pastor Vance Hays

Secretary: Deborah Jones

Deborah has served as Christ Community’s secretary for a number of years.  During the week she can be found in her office preparing the weekly worship folder, answering phone calls and emails, or outside assisting with the community garden.  On Sundays she helps lead us in singing praises to God.    

Elder: Eric Lintner

Eric is our current president of Council.  He helps lead and manage many aspects of the governing of our church.  Eric is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast, and often can be found riding his bicycle to church on sunny mornings.  

Elder: Nathan Laninga

Along with his duties as an elder, Nathan is our council clerk. He makes sure to document our council meetings and handle other records. Nathan is known for wearing a fun assortment of suits and ties, and being Dutch.

Elder: Jory Jones

Jory is very active in the life of the church. He helps write the order of worship for our Sunday mornings. Jory has been licensed to exhort by our local body of churches and can some Sundays be found at the pulpit exhorting the Word of God.

Deacon: Daniel Jones

Dan preforms his role as a deacon with love and compassion. As well as being our on-call handy man, he runs our annual fishing competition and a variety of hikes, caving expeditions, and Mountain climbs.

Deacon: Charles Heil

Charles Heil brings a scholarly perspective to our church. He has a deep love for pastoral ministry, puritan history, prayer and the classic hymns.